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  • A New Polaroid Photo of Boston Ballet's Nutcracker 1969 or 1970

    Boston Ballet Alumni Gallery

    A collection of wonderful photos scanned from programs, old studio photo shoots, and photos from personal collections sent by our Boston Ballet Alumni Network members. If you are looking at this you are very likely a member. Even of you are not, please please please send your photos by email or postal mail. Even if you think they are not important, we will be thrilled. Any photo of a member of the Boston Ballet Company, of performances, parties, reunions, family, etc., is fine.

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  • A Slideshow of Miss Cecily Age 16-17 During Class 1968-9 at the Boston Ballet Washington Street Studio near the Commons

    Boston Ballet School

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  • Miss E. Virginia Williams, Founder Boston Ballet

    E. Virginia Williams, Boston Ballet School and Company Founder

    E. Virginia Williams was a wonderful and scary teacher. She was a student of Balanchine, and he helped Virginia. She was an entrepreneur who constantly brought important dancers, choreographers and teachers to us. New arrivals in the country came to Virginia first. All without email or a cell phone. Amazing.We were so fortunate to have her.

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