Boston Ballet Reunions

Boston Ballet Alumni Network - Here is a small subset of the Boston Ballet Alumni at a party at my home. I am the redhead with the long hair, to the left of the lion on the bannister.
Boston Ballet Company Alumni Network Party

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Members of The Boston Ballet Alumni Network at the home of Cecily and Dr. Charles Bressel in Lynn Massachusetts.
There was a bunch of reminiscing at this party! It was a lots of fun. The dancers were so happy to see each other and to catch up on news about everyone.

Here are my rough notes identifying everyone.
Top Row Left to Right: Jerilyn Doucette Dana, Warren Lynch, Bob Steele,

Seated on a staircase step, just below Jerilyn, is Jeanne Churchill, head of the Dance Dept at Bard College, next to her to the right is Geraldine Gagnon with necklace, Stephanie Marini King, David Browne, General Manager of Boston Ballet (at the time, now at Pacific Northwest Ballet??)

Below David is his wife, Elaine Bauer, Then, to her right is Anthony Williams.

Alphy (Alphonse Poulin) is behind Cecily.

Right from Alphy is Linda DiBona, Leslie Woodies, Susan Magno (in Scottsdale Arizona?), Above her is Clyde Nantais.

To the right of Susan M is Sue Ring. Her husband is to the left of Cecily. They are technical. He was perhaps a stage manager. He ran the tours. She was lighting? They came after I left.

Then Cecily, The Lion, Virginia Zango, School on the Cape. Carolyn LaFleur, James Reardon. Leaning over is Robin (Dolly) Adair, whose studio is in Manchester Mass.

Front row... Sidney Leonard, Laura Young who teaches and runs the program at the Boston Ballet School, and my dear friend from Magnolia, Reva Willdorf.

More on everyone will be added as I gather the info together.

(I am thinking about a method for labeling the dancers. If you have a suggestion, please let us know.)

Boston Ballet Alumni Network - Here is a Group Photo taken at The Boston Ballet Alumni Network's (BBAN's) First Annual Reunion Part in 1989 in Newton, Mass.
BBAN First Annual Reunion Party-Group Photo

Here are the Boston Ballet Alumni appearing in the Group Photo taken at BBAN's First Annual Reunion Part, 1989, Newton, Mass.

Top Row, left to right:

Laurie Savarino, Miguel Bolarin, Anamarie Sarazin, Jerilyn Dana Doucette, David Drummond, Alfonso Figueroa, Ellen O'Reilly Jonas, Debbie Kostka, Linda DiBona Brassel, Carol Ravitch Goldstein, Armando Martinez, Paula Shiff, Kathleen Murphy Kozul, Samuel Kurkjian, Janet Moran, Debra Mili Donnaruma, Rosemary Caggiano, Miriam Jamgochian, Eve O'Reilly-Keddy.
Middle Row, left to right:
Bryan Smith, Todd Eric Allen, James Reardon (above), Roger Cunningham, Dierdre Myles, Kathryn Anderson Hurd, Hewan Tomlinson (hidden), Julia Frederick, Fern Gladstone, Gloria Styrsky, Sydney Leonard, Eleanor D'Antuono, Marie-Christine Mouis, James O'Conner, Tony Williams, Elaine Bauer, David Brown, Andrea Hoffman, Kirby Hade, Michael Job.
Bottom Row, left to right:
Richard Redlufson, Paul Plesh, Clyde Nantais, John Beretta, Stephanie Marini, Cecily Winslow Bressel, Sherri Peacock, Nancy DeRosa, Nick DeRosa.