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  • This web site contains memories of, news about and links to some of the wonderful dancers who were trained or recruited by E. Virginia Williams to be members of the magical Boston Ballet Company under her superb artistic direction. I will be happy to include dancers who entered the Boston Ballet Company after Miss Virginia died. Virginia was such a powerful part of our life stories. It is all very emotional for me, and as I later learned, for every one of the alumni too. A great teacher is never forgotten! ... As an aside, I attended Virginia's Funeral in a lovely park like cemetery in Salem, the city in which she was born. My husband Chic had lived on Upham Street, one block from the cemetery. He showed me the path on which he used to run that passes just a few yards from her grave. With its beautiful wrought iron fence and gates, a pond, and tall trees... I am happy that Virginia rests in beauty. She gave us and the world so much beauty, and much of that was through us...
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  • The Good Old Days: Taking Class Together In 1969

  • This is fun. Here is our "brand new" slideshow of some of Summer 1969 classes at E. Virginia William's Boston Ballet Studios on Washington Street near Downtown Crossing in Boston. They were a block from the Commons. A little dingy, and worn, but good space with no poles.
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  • I have begun to realize, with some pleasure, that as my friends and I look for news of another Boston Ballet alum, this website tends to pop up! I just heard from Bonnie Wyckoff Boudineau, who was one of my best friends at the Boston Ballet. How exciting!! Bonnie, do you have any photos to share?
  • I will be very very happy to include your news, email addresses, telephone numbers, and links to your web pages. The more we stay in touch, the happier we all feel! Please let me know if there is something I can do to help you stay in touch and have your photos and bios appear on-line. All the fun times and the beauty we created and shared should not just disappear, pouf!

  • So, just click here to tell me about any photos you have of the group, or just of yourself and your career. Or news about you and what interests you. We are all very very interested in you!! If you like, you will will be featured in a separate section devoted to YOU! If you cannot scan old photos or slides, and send them via email, or to Google's Picasa, Yahoo's Flickr, or whatever, just leave all that to me. Just send any photos you have in a photo mailer, and we will lovingly scan them in for you. We can do some computer cleaning up of very old faded, torn or otherwise damaged photos, if needed. We will then mail them right back to you. Of course I would love to see any photos that include me!!! (;-) And, I am totally and completely sure that every single one of us will be thrilled to see our photos suddenly appear on line amongst our peers. Does this make any sense to you at all? Your suggestions are appreciated.