Thursday, August 27th - Message from Allison Streepey Best

Good Evening,

I was very excited to receive this delightful message from Allison Streepey on August 23rd.

Subject: BBC Alumni Website


Just gorgeous! You all are just gorgeous!

I've really enjoyed the photos of Joyce Cuoco.
She was my teacher at the Southwest Ballet Center (SWBC) near Dallas, TX for 2 summers when I was in high school.
Nearly all of us that went through that program became professional dancers.
I was part of Boston Ballet from 1977-1979. One of my classmates from the SWBC, Carla Stallings, from California was part of the Boston Ballet in the early 1980's after she left ABT.
It is amazing how our dancer lives overlap.

Cecily, I wish I would have met you when I was there. Elaine, Laurie, Durina and others spoke so highly of you.
From the website, it is easy to see why.

Thank you for putting it all together for us to enjoy.

Sincerely, Allison Streepey

(My real name. Virginia renamed me Allison Best.)

Joyce Cuoco and a Whole Group in the Waltz of the Flowers
Joyce Cuoco and a Whole Group in the Waltz of the Flowers
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Dancers Shown from Left to right: Cecily's Best Recollection

Flowers in Releve Fourth: Carolyn LeFleur, Unknown, Susan Nivert, Jean Churchill

Valerie (Jones) Windsor is kneeling in front of Jeanne.

Jerilyn (Doucette) Dana is in Plie Tendu Back and is dressed as a "Grape."

Joyce Cuoco is being lifted by a male "Grape" who looks to me like that wonderful graphic artist, Raymond King.

Robin (Dolly) Adair is visible in the wings wearing her Marzipan Shepherdess Costume.

My guesses for the Unknown Flower are: Karla Wolfangle, Julia Frederick, Daiva Gestaitis? Help!

Dear Alison,

Thank you for the nice words. How lucky you were to actually study with Joyce. She was so nice and sweet when we were children. Her Mom whisked her in and out of the Studio very quickly, so there was never much time to socialize. We often stood on the pole together for barre when class was crowded at the "Mass Ave" Studio. She was very sweet to me. She was so much fun to take class with - everyone turned better, for sure.

I have mentioned to people over the years that she performed a promenade in front attitude on pointe by herself during the "Hoops" the Candy Canes in Nutcracker the year Harriet Hoctor choreographed the excerpt. People's eyes would bulge at the thought, they weren't quite sure whether or not to believe me, but since I was there, I knew it was true. The videos below show that Joyce really could do anything on pointe unassisted!

So you are a part of the group that Virginia fiddled with our names - a special few!

I remember when Carla Stallings danced at Boston Ballet - She was part of the Glasnost Swan Lake that Bruce Marks put together so brilliantly. I was still living in NYC when you were in the Company. Sorry I missed that period at BBC. So much happened.

Let's keep in touch. Dancers are my favorite people.


Some time ago, I wrote a blog on my Arizona Ballet Theatre website reminiscing about my days as a fellow student with Joyce Cuoco.

Webmaster Chic found some wonderful video cameos of Joyce Cuoco on You Tube. He wrote "Miss Cecily loved them... She said " This is my background, this is my life" or words to that effect. She clearly felt deeply about Joyce!!!"

I am sharing them here for your enjoyment.

[Note added by Chic in February, 2014: It appears that the videos are no longer on YouTube. I will try to find them again. In my experience, such things often do disappear. People who maintain web pages are not necessarily balletomanes. That's why I try to download whatever I can. In this case, I was not successful.]

Here is Joyce Cuoco on the Perry Como Show:

Perry mispronounced her name. (;-) Keep in mind Joyce was dancing on a slippery floor, not suitable for ballet at all.

Here is Joycie On Danny Kaye's Show:

The next video appears to have been filmed in a studio in New York City. Cecily didn't recognize the teacher.

The class has "normal dancers and Joyce"