Earle Sieveling trained with E. V. Williams, and with Julia Child

Earle Sieveling trained with E. V. Williams, and with Julia Child
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I did go see the delightful movie - Julie and Julia, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. There wasn't very much dancing - just a bit in the wedding scene - but Paris looked stunning, and even Queens in the "Julie" part seemed exciting and fun.

One interesting note about the subject of learning to cook by cooking every recipe in Julia Child's book classic "Mastering The Art of Trench Cooking." There once was a marvelous dancer named - Earle Sieveling; He had trained with E. V. Williams, danced for her when she had The New England Civic Ballet which was the precurser of BB, The Boston Ballet, and was a member of the New York City Ballet back in the 60s and 70s. He often Guest Starred with us in Boston during that time. He was part of the dance family.

After his dance career ended in the late 70s rather suddenly - that is another story - he needed a new career. He decided to learn to cook by using Julia Child's book; he made every recipe from the book in his apartment, and it took him a year. He became a fantastic chef who worked in a restaurant in Saratoga Springs owned by dance fan and hotelier, Sheila P., who shared this wonderful story with me a few years ago. Earle did it first!