Pat Colgate's Boston Ballet Photo - 1958, Romeo and Juliet, Scranton, PA

Pat Colgate's Boston Ballet Photo - 1958, Romeo and Juliet, Scranton, PA

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Pat Colgate's photo.

Pat writes: (The) photo was taken during a ballet festival in Scranton, Pa., 1958 The ballet was Romeo and Juliet. I'll try and give you the names in the photo:

  • Center on knees Girl, Barbara Moran, Boy, Earl Silverman
  • Center back standing Girl, Nicoyn Emanuel, Boys, front James Anthony Collins, don't know who's in back of James.
  • Stage right of Center, Girl, Sally Harrington, known in NYC Ballet as Sara Leland, Boy unknown.
  • Stage left of Center, Girl, Bette Ann Shimsky, Boy, my brother, John Colgate.
  • Stage right diagonal, front, Robyn Adair, Darlin Buckley, and me, Patty Colgate.
  • Stage left diagonal, front Elaine Stouss, Fern McGarnland (may be spelled wrong), Carol ?
  • Stage right, partners, girl, Elaine Speck,?, Eddie ?
  • Stage left partners, girl ? boy, Anthony ?
  • Downstage right, Kathy Collins.
  • Downstage left, ?
  • Miss Sydney Leonard was one of my Teachers as well as EV. and Marjorie Duff in the Malden studio where Virginia called home.

    Carla Barns, her daughter, also live with her before she married for a second time to our accompanist who's name escapes me. [Cecily adds - his name was Mr. Hobbes (sp?)] I have other pictures if you're interested. I have a small company, Placer Theatre Ballet in Northen California. Just recently retired from teaching, but still director of the company.

    Please visit our website at Placer Theatre Ballet

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Best regards,

    Pat Colgate"