Now... Back to Boston circa 1965... ✡ ✡ ✡

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We Love The Waltz of The Snowflakes, and Surprises!
Twirling Snowflake A New Polaroid Photo of Boston Ballet's Nutcracker 1969 or 1970 Twirling Snowflake
"Waltz Of The Snowflakes," A Performance of The Boston Ballet Company's Nutcracker in 1969 or 1970
Second Row, L. to R.: 1. Debby Bryan; 2. Nina Bator; 3. Stephanie Moy; 4. Reva Wildorf 5. Stephanie Marini
Front Row, Left to Right: 1. Edra Toth standing; 2. Cecily Travsky (Miss Cecily); 3. Ellen O'Reilly; 4. Kathy Murphy 5. Bonnie Wycoff; 6. Veronica Fell

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Does anyone know of any older color photos of BB performances?
Or of any other company for that matter?
There must be some. This cannot be the first. Or is it?
Single Snowflake Dancing "What Will We Do Today?" "We'll Reminisce About Our Boston Ballet" (;-)

Now... Back to Boston circa 1965. The Boston Ballet Studios, at that time, were located on Massachusetts Avenue - "Mass Ave" -near Boylston Street. Very near the Berklee School of Music, near the Christian Science Mother Church, near Symphony Hall. A short walk to the Prudential. I believe that Ballet Theatre of Boston - Jose Mateo's ballet enterprise - is almost exactly where the Boston School of Ballet was back then. Same side of Mass Ave. Maybe even the same building. The same row of buildings at the very least.

When I visited Jose's Studios years ago, it felt eerily similar to my first encounter with The Boston School of Ballet when I was invited to attend Miss Williams" Special By-Invitation-Only Saturday Class. To me, I felt that I turned left at the top of the long, straight staircase up when I should have gone right. Time plays tricks on the mind, and the feelings are powerful. Truly, the whole area has changed dramatically in big ways - for example, the Back Bay Theatre, where Boston Ballet used to perform, and where Margot Fonteyn guested with us, was torn down decades ago. Just one example of "progress." But the energy of that little neighborhood still sizzles. It was a great place for a serious Ballet Studio then and now. Easy to get to by public transportation, and the parking was difficult yet not impossible. I could not have been more turned on; those ballet classes were fun, fabulous, and challenging. Pretty fast, too.

The dancers in the Saturday Class ranged in age from about eleven to fourteen, as I recall; there were a few outliers, to be sure. What an experience to dance with that group the first time! There was an unbelievable concentration of dance talent in my new peer group which, apparently, Miss Williams had gathered together in her still mysterious way. I am beginning to wonder if there wasn'T a clone out there actually. Haha. Two E. Virginia Williams! Now that would have been more than any one city could have handled. I digress. Why not? I'm reminiscing. The whole thing is a giant tangent.

Joyce Cuoco, Edie Toth, Bonnie Wyckoff, Sandy Feinberg, Ina Marie Brezhinski. Those are a few of the dancers I know were there the first day I took that class. There were probably twenty more that first day. It was a big class. Every week. Nobody missed unless they were so sick they couldn't crawl; it was so intense. I loved it. Nothing had ever been as exciting as that class. I had found what I was looking for. These were dancers I wanted to be around. Teachers, too. Miss Williams, Sydney, Shana B., and the great Dorothy Etheridge Smith.

Perhaps the gentlest soul of all in the mix was Miss Williams' husband, Mr. Hobbs, who usually played the piano for the class. A guiet gentleman. Another mystery to a "tweenage" girl. The whole thing was absolutely great. Hard. Sweaty. Fun.

That's it for this installment. If you have read to this pointe, wow, I adore you.

Miss Cecily Gleaning Inspiration From Dance Past

Miss Cecily Thinking About You