Dance Magazine's "Winter Wonderland"

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Single Snowflake Dancing "What Will We Do Today?" "We'll Reminisce About Our Boston Ballet" (;-)

In case you missed it, there is a delightful collection of photos in the current issue of Dance Magazine showing the Snow Scene costumes of a number of wonderful ballet companies. It's in an article called "Winter Wonderland."

The article is very tiny. Here it is...
"The snow scene is one of the simplest sections of The Nutcracker: There are no oversized mice or waltzing flowers, just a corps of women in white tutus and a principal couple—usually. And yet those 11 minutes of the ballet are often the most magical. Tchaikovsky’s dreamy music transports us into the chilly midnight December air. Dancers flit, flutter, and swirl as if blown by the wind. A blanket of white floats—and sometimes pours—down from above as Clara travels from the real world to a fantastical one. Every company does the scene in its own unique way—some even dispensing with the tutus altogether. Here’s a peek inside some of our favorite snow scenes from around the world."
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The online photos are way too small. Hopefully they will give you some idea of the beauty and variety of costumes out there!! Chic enlarged two that are closest to us, physically or emotionally through training and performing. Here they are...

L to R: Arizona Ballet and Boston Ballet
Snow Scene Costume of Ballet Arizona - Thumbnail of a Photo by Rosalie O'Connor Snow Scene Costume of the Boston Ballet - Thumbnail of a Photo by Gene Schiavone
© 2007 MacFadden Performing Arts Media, LLC. All rights reserved
L to R - Photos by Rosalie O'Connor and Gene Schiavone

The Arizona Ballet Snow Scene photo as reproduced in Dance Magazine's thumbnail doesn't do justice to the beauty of the Swarovsky crystal tops the dancers wore in Phoenix last year. The costumes are exquisite. Perhaps one of our readers will find better photos.(;-))))

Here is possibly the first color shot of Boston Ballet's Snow Scene. (1969 or 1970)

"Waltz Of The Snowflakes," A Performance of The Boston Ballet Company's Nutcracker in 1969 or 1970
Second Row, L. to R.: 1. Debby Bryan; 2. Nina Bator; 3. Stephanie Moy; 4. Reva Wildorf 5. Stephanie Marini
Front Row, Left to Right: 1. Edra Toth standing; 2. Cecily Travsky; 3. Ellen O'Reilly; 4. Kathy Murphy 5. Bonnie Wycoff; 6. Veronica Fell

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