Reminiscing About Our Boston Ballet... ♫♪ Cecily and Alphy::Guest Artists at E. Virginia Williams' Malden School Recital ♫♪

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Single Snowflake Dancing "What Will We Do Today?" "We'll Reminisce About Our Boston Ballet" (;-)

Good Morning Dancers, Teachers, and Dreamers,

The Latest Image is a photo from 1967 (to the best of my recollection - could possibly be 1966, but "Who Cares?" (to borrow the name of a really fun Balanchine ballet of the same era.)

Cecily Travsky and Alphonse Poulin - Vintage Boston Ballet
Either 1967 or 1966 but "Who Cares?"
Cecily Travsky and Alphonse Poulin - Vintage Boston Ballet
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Alphonse Poulin is my handsome partner in this "Pas de Deux," choreographed by Sydney Leonard, specifically for Alphy and Me. It was the "first" Pas for both of us; for those of you out there who ever trained with Miss Leonard, you will understand what I mean, truly, when I tell you it was very, very, very hard. And sooooooos long. I think fifteen minutes actually, but perhaps my mind is playing tricks on me. We danced the partnering sections together, naturally; we each had at least three short solos; and there was a rousing Coda with fouettes for me (scary) and a la seconde turns AND Big Leaps for Alphy. And for me... Big Jumps for me. I think we danced the whole ballet vocabulary. Again, I may be exaggerating somewhat. In my fifteen year old , very ballet-oriented brain it was overwhelming, frightening, and wonderful. We performed it at E. Virginia Williams' Malden School Recital, the very school where I had had my first class - my evaluation class - with Miss Williams herself, who lived upstairs. I had long since switched exclusively to the Boston Ballet School; so, in this performance, we were the "Guest Artists" from the Company. Fun and more than a wee bit intimidating.

The actual little teeny photo which shows the wears of time as much as I do, had been a lost treasure for a few decades now. I dug it out of a pile of memorabilia, and asked WebMaster Chic to scan it, which he did. And, he did a whole lot of improving since the little picture is wrinkled, crinkled mess. I love the current technology which can do these magical things, even though it scares me a bit, too. Like thirty two fouettes on stage. Egads.

Alphy is one of the most creative people on the planet; not only is he a legendary dance success, he is a published authority on knitting. He even has published at least one book I know of the subject with a renowned co-author. His sweaters are pure works of art. Wonderful.

Alphy is currently on the Dance Faculty at Juilliard in Lincoln Center. After a long, illustrious career performing and then teaching in Europe, Alphy is once again based in the USA in the very heart of the Dance Center of the World.

I ramble on about things long forgotten from a decade when video was brand, spanking new, and most dance performances were viewed as ephemeral experiences the magic of which could NEVER be captured on screen. Right or wrong, that was the thinking at the time...

In the present era, I hope to see more returning faces today as we at Arizona Ballet Theatre come to the end of our first week of dance, January, 2010. In glorious Tucson.

Cecily Trying to Write in a Hurry - Sorry::}

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