Classes at The Boston Ballet Studios on Washington Street, circa 1968-9.

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Slideshow of Cecily Travsky (renamed Travesky by Virginia) Winslow Bressel As A Young Dancer With The Early Boston Ballet Company

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Most photos are of Cecily Travesky (as Virginia renamed me) and other students, in Classes at The Boston Ballet Studios on Washington Street, circa 1968-9. One photo includes Mr. Hobbs, Miss William’s husband, at the piano! Sydney Leonard was the teacher in both classes.The photographer, Molly, liked to take photos of my dancing. That surprised me greatly at the time. All I have left are some very poorly treated contact sheets from 35 millimeter film negative strips. They have not been cared for properly, and it shows. I hope to learn enough Photoshop to clean them up. However, I thought you would like to see what we have scanned so far. It's been very exciting for us to blow these up and display them.

The slideshow also includes one studio shot from an early Boston Ballet Company brochure, made for sale at performances. My husband is posting these quickly for you to share, and I haven't entered everyone's name. Don't hesitate to send me your info, since my memory is no longer "perfect."

Please send your photos for inclusion in our Boston Ballet Alumni Network photo galleries. I will be happy to return paper copies or negatives, in secure mailings very quickly.